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You can consult and search here all the publications of the laboratory deposited on HAL. This list of publications is generated automatically each night. If at least one of the authors of the deposited publication is associated to the laboratory, it will be integrated in this collection.


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Bacteria ARRONAX cyclotron Cell sorting Clostridium beijerinckii Cochonneau +-catechin Dosimetry Protontherapy Agro-ecology C Ollivier 3D co-cultures D Cancer stem cells DMAP 4-dimethylaminopyridine total synthesis Botryococcus braunii Recurrent disease Anaerobic condition 3D culture three-dimensional spheroids UHDR 3D cell culture Cellulosome Bacillus pumilus Broomrapes Angiogenesis Tumor microenvironment Arabidopsis thaliana External beam therapy Bone protection Aquatic environments C D epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR programmed cell death ligand 1 PDL1 bispecific Nanofitin tumor specific immune checkpoint inhibitor ICI Bioprinting Dairy wastes 3D spheroids Biocatalysis Aseptic loosening Biohydrogen D Gaussin Osteosarcoma Anabolic Drugs Alteromonas mediterranea Chaperonnes Biomarqueurs Germination stimulants FLASHMOD project ChIP-seq Cytology Branched broomrape Epigenetics Evolution Bisphosphonates Bioreporter 2’-disulfonic compounds ARRONAX Circulating tumor cells Uniprot Algae Personalized medicine DNA repair protein Inhibitor Ultra-High dose rate Orobanche cumana Association-dissociation kinetics AlphaFold FLASH conditions AlphaFold2 Cell cycle Drug resistance Chromatin immunoprecipitation Bone sarcoma Brown algae DNA repair Immunology Chromatin COVID-19 Biofilm Bioreporter flavin-binding fluorescent protein Vibrio Rhizobiaceae anaerobic condition anoxia Anoxia ACE2 Cell enrichment FLASH radiotherapy Strigolactones Cancer Ultra-high dose rate Antiresorptive Drugs Cellobiohydrolase Biopolymers Biomarker Immunotherapy Cinier Beam monitoring RAD51 D epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR Cysteinolides Cell dormancy Dark fermentation CTC Bispecific Nanofitin Chaperones Chondrosarcoma