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Open charm production from d + Au collisions in STAR

J. Adams , M.M. Aggarwal , Z. Ahammed , J. Amonett , B.D. Anderson , et al.
International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High Energy Nuclear Collisions - Hard Probes 2004, Nov 2004, Ericeira, Portugal. pp.187-192, ⟨10.1140/epjc/s2005-02304-0⟩
Conference papers in2p3-00024557v1

Letter of Intent for Double-CHOOZ: a Search for the Mixing Angle Theta13

F. Ardellier , I. Barabanov , J. C. Barriere , M. Bauer , L. Bezrukov , et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... in2p3-00023592v1
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Etude des correlations de particules etranges mesurees par l'experience STAR dans les collisions ions lourds ultra-relativistes au RHIC

Gaël Renault
Physique Nucléaire Théorique [nucl-th]. Université de Nantes, 2004. Français. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-00007489v1

Multiplicity distribution and spectra of negatively charged hadrons in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{S_{NN}}$=130 GeV

C. Adler , Z. Ahammed , C. Allgower , J. Amonett , B.D. Anderson , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2001, 87, pp.112303
Journal articles in2p3-00010711v1

Plateforme d'irradiation autour du cyclotron C70 du GIP ARRONAX

Arnaud Guertin , Charbel Koumeir
Colloque ResPlandIr, Mar 2019, Dijon, France
Conference papers hal-02289775v1

Quarkonia as probe of the initial stages of the pp, pPb and PbPb collisions with ALICE

Ophelie Bugnon
IS 2021: 6th International Conference on the Initial Stages of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions : Initial Stages 2021, Jan 2021, Rehovot, Israel
Conference papers hal-03176075v1

Performance and aging studies for the ALICE muon RPCs

Luca Quaglia , Antonio Bianchi , Alessandro Ferretti , Martino Gagliardi , Diego Stocco , et al.
15th Workshop on Resistive Plate Chambers and Related Detectors, Feb 2020, Rome, Italy. pp.C04002, ⟨10.1088/1748-0221/16/04/C04002⟩
Conference papers hal-02634693v1

Heavy-flavor observables at RHIC and LHC

Marlene Nahrgang , Joerg Aichelin , S. Bass , Pol-Bernard Gossiaux , Klaus Werner
24th Quark Matter conference, May 2014, Darmstadt, Germany
Conference papers in2p3-01061174v1

J/psi production and nuclear effects in p-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN)=5.02 TeV

B. Abelev , Laurent Aphecetche , Y.W. Baek , A. Baldisseri , V. Barret , et al.
Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014, 2, pp.073. ⟨10.1007/JHEP02(2014)073⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00856719v1

Single Spin Asymmetry $A_N$ in Polarized Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering at $\sqrt{s}=200$ GeV

L. Adamczyk , G. Agakishiev , M. M. Aggarwal , Z. Ahammed , A. V. Alakhverdyants , et al.
Physics Letters B, 2013, 719, pp.62-69. ⟨10.1016/j.physletb.2013.01.014⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00707109v1

Experimental Research on Improved Antineutrino Spectra from reactors

Muriel Fallot
Antineutrino Aplied Physics Workshop 2006, Sep 2006, Livermore, United States
Conference papers in2p3-00481662v1

First pp results... from the AA physics perspective

Y. Schutz
Rencontres QGP-France 2010, Sep 2010, Etretat, France
Conference papers in2p3-00524244v1

Heavy Flavor Physics with ALICE

Gines Martinez Garcia
Comité du LHC, Feb 2006, Genève (CERN), Switzerland
Conference papers in2p3-00221988v1

Le calorimètre EMCal d'ALICE

C. Hadjidakis
Deuxièmes Rencontres PQG-France, Sep 2007, Etretat, France
Conference papers in2p3-00300403v1

Acceptance et efficacité de detection des pions neutres avec PHOS

L. Benhabib
Rencontres QGP-France 2008, Sep 2008, Etretat, France
Conference papers in2p3-00365417v1

Mesure du charme en single muon dans Alice

N. Lebris
Rencontres QGP-France 2008, Sep 2008, Etretat, France
Conference papers in2p3-00365459v1
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Compte rendus de la conférence "Journées Jeunes Chercheurs JJC2012

L. Alio , Mariam Atoui , F. Balli , C. Bertella , M. Blanco , et al.
Pierre Barrillon (LAL), Pauline Bernat (UCL), Eric Chabert (IPHC), Isabelle Cossin (LPNHE), Jean-René Cudell (ULg), Frédéric Derue (LPNHE), Bruno Khélifi (LLR), Pascal Vanlaer (IIHE-ULB). Journées Jeunes Chercheurs JJC2012, Dec 2012, Munster, France. IN2P3, pp.230, 2013
Proceedings in2p3-00808546v2

Proton - Lambda correlations in Au-Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeV from the STAR experiment

G. Renault
20th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, Mar 2004, Trelawny Beach, Jamaica. pp.99-110, ⟨10.1556/APH.24.2005.1-4.19⟩
Conference papers in2p3-00025808v1

Cross sections and transverse single-spin asymmetries in forward neutral-pion production from proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} $ = 200 GeV

J. Adams , C. Adler , M.M. Aggarwal , Z. Ahammed , J. Amonett , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2004, 92, pp.171801-1
Journal articles in2p3-00022285v1

$J/\psi$ Production vs Centrality, Transverse Momentum, and Rapidity in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV

A. Adare , S. Afanasiev , C. Aidala , N.N. Ajitanand , Y. Akiba , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2007, 98, pp.232301
Journal articles in2p3-00116723v1

Hard probes at heavy-ion collider energies: Results from PHENIX

D.G. d'Enterria
XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond - QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions, Mar 2002, Les Arcs, France
Conference papers in2p3-00085311v1
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Recherche et développement d'un détecteur gazeux PIM (Parallel Ionization Multiplier) pour la trajectographie de particules sous un haut flux de hadrons.

Jérôme Beucher
Physique des Hautes Energies - Expérience [hep-ex]. Université de Nantes, 2007. Français. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-00191999v2

Observation of Two-source Interference in the Photoproduction Reaction $Au Au \to Au Au \rho^0$

B.I. Abelev , M.M. Aggarwal , Z. Ahammed , B.D. Anderson , D. Arkhipkin , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2009, 102, pp.112301-7. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.102.112301⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00349932v1

Forward Neutral-Pion Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries in p+p Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$=200 GeV

B. I. Abelev , M. M. Aggarwal , Z. Ahammed , B. D. Anderson , D. Arkhipkin , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2008, 101, pp.222001. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.222001⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00341869v1

First proton--proton collisions at the LHC as observed with the ALICE detector: measurement of the charged particle pseudorapidity density at $\ sqrt(s)$= 900 GeV

K. Aamodt , N. Abel , U. Abeysekara , A. Abrahantes Quintana , A. Acero , et al.
European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields, 2010, 65, pp.111-125. ⟨10.1140/epjc/s10052-009-1227-4⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00437986v1

Performance of prototypes for the ALICE electromagnetic calorimeter

J. Allen , T. Awes , A. Badala , S. Baumgart , R. Bellwied , et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 2010, 615, pp.6-13. ⟨10.1016/j.nima.2009.12.061⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00440515v1

ALICE Electromagnetic Calorimeter Technical Design Report

T. Cormier , P. Cortese , G. Dellacasa , R. Gemme , L. Sitta , et al.
Reports in2p3-00340275v1

Rapidity and transverse momentum dependence of inclusive J/psi production in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV

K. Aamodt , Laurent Aphecetche , N. Arbor , A. Baldisseri , A. Baldit , et al.
Physics Letters B, 2011, 704, pp.442-455. ⟨10.1016/j.physletb.2011.09.054⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00590378v1

Quarkonium in A–A collisions with the ALICE experiment

Audrey Francisco
34th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, Mar 2018, Deshaies, Guadeloupe. pp.012013, ⟨10.1088/1742-6596/1070/1/012013⟩
Conference papers hal-01897258v1

La matière formée dans les collisions hadroniques (gaz haronique, QGP)

Gines Martinez Garcia
Journées SFP/BTPN sur les grandes questions en physique nucléaire fondamentale, Jun 2016, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-02302472v1