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You can consult and search here all the publications of the laboratory deposited on HAL. This list of publications is generated automatically each night. If at least one of the authors of the deposited publication is associated to the laboratory, it will be integrated in this collection.


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Middle Aged Intestine IBD Gastrointestinal biopsy Acides gras poly-insaturés Fecal incontinence Aged Enteroid Biomarkers Enteric neuron Colitis Inflammation Pluripotent stem cells Memory Postoperative ileus Adipose Tissue Colorectal cancer Human intestinal organoids Pharmacodynamics Therapeutic drug monitoring Intestinal permeability Western blot Alpha-synuclein Autoimmunity Adverse events Dairy product 6-Mercaptopurine Enterobacteriaceae Autobiographical memory Addictovigilance Management COVID-19 Intestinal epithelial barrier Cefazolin In vivo model Adult AMPK Enteric glial cells Parkinson's disease Atrophic gastritis Skin LPS Biopsy Organoid Obesity Gut microbiota Acetylcholine Pro-inflammatory cytokines Spina bifida Gut Gut-brain axis 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing Phosphorylation Permeability France Working memory span tasks Tau Inflammatory Bowel Disease Male Pharmacokinetics Enteric neurons Gut inflammation Acides gras polyinsaturés oméga-6 Microbiota Addiction Humans Spinal cord injury Stress Colorectal surgery Anxiety Enteric nervous system Transanal irrigation Inflammatory bowel disease Female Pupil Inflammatory bowel diseases 3-Galactosyltransferase Intestinal stem cell Ulcerative colitis Pupillometry Probiotic Diet Parkinson’s disease LRRK2 Alzheimer’s disease Mitochondria Metformin Treatment Acute respiratory distress syndrome - ARDS Transplantation Gastric cancer Organoids Gastrointestinal tract Enteric Nervous System Diagnostic performance 3-beta-D-glucan Intestinal epithelium 3-Gal antigen Irritable bowel syndrome