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Thermal and Energy Laboratory of Nantes


polytech4The Thermal and Energy Laboratory of Nantes (LTeN) is one of the 7 laboratories of Polytech Nantes, the engineering school of the University.

The LTeN is a joint research unit of the University of Nantes and the CNRS. The laboratory staff is approximately 75 people. Since its creation in 1967, the unit has had a strong thermal identity, recognized as such at national and international level, as well as by the industrial fabric.

Laboratory located in an engineering school, at the heart of the INSIS Institute of the CNRS, the scientific and technological obstacles that we seek to remove are of course raised by the applications. Our environment is favorable to the development of a dynamic based on the classic triptych of teaching-research-industry.

The laboratory is organized around two research axes:

      • Transfers in fluids and energy systems
      • Heat transfers in materials and at interfaces.

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