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You can consult and search here all the publications of the laboratory deposited on HAL. This list of publications is generated automatically each night. If at least one of the authors of the deposited publication is associated to the laboratory, it will be integrated in this collection.


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Chauffage par induction Batteries Conducting materials Filtre de Kalman Comparative study Flicker Optimization Frequency Sizing Harmonics Energy storage Non Intrusive Load Monitoring NILM Finite element method Overplanting Anisotropy Modélisation Distributed Energy Storage System Chaos Extended Kalman filter Commande vectorielle TRAITEMENT DU SIGNAL Sea surface Problème inverse CONTROLE NON DESTRUCTIF DISPERSION Array signal processing Autonomous Vehicles Home Electrical Appliances HEAs Eddy currents ANALYSE SPECTRALE Control Inverse problem Gestion d'énergie Finite element analysis Dimensionnement Electron microscopy Microgrid Marine renewable energy Dynamic thermal rating RADAR Anisotropic material Commande Modelling Dynamic modelling WCIP method Energie hydrolienne Active Front Steering METHODE DE RESOLUTION Couches minces FSS structures EPAISSEUR Signal reconstruction Control systems Defects Supercondensateurs Optimisation Harmoniques BaTiO3 Feature selection Insulation Electromagnetic scattering by rough surfaces Direct Yaw Control Fuzzy Logic Control Modular Multilevel Converter MMC Distributed generation Micro-réseau Commutation Equations Driving cycle Modeling Finite element method FEM Charging effects Filtering RADAR PENETRANT Gestion de l’énergie Fault diagnosis CHAUSSEE Reassignment Time-frequency analysis Synchrosqueezing Banc d'essais Global Chassis Control Polarization Time-frequency Composite materials Energy management ESTIMATION ESTIMATION DES TEMPS DE RETARD Induction thermography Distributed Galvanic Insulation DGI COUCHE MINCE Gestion de l'énergie Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control Electrical conductivity tensor ALGORITHME MIMO Submarine export cable Mathematical model Deep learning Condition monitoring